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Campaign Manager

This is your central station for all your digital advertising management. Because Optimization and ROI are a MUST and not optional, AdverKeyz has created the simplest and the most accurate Campaign Manager you should find over the market.

Create and set up your campaign, define your target, serve and deliver, measure and analyze, optimize and increase your results. No sooner said than done !

Easy to use such a complete platform

One of the main problem that advertisers and agencies are facing using a media manager is the complexity. When a platform is hard to exploit, users can’t take advantage of the benefits they’re looking for originally. AdverKeyz provide user friendly platform … No need to be an engineer to achieve your goals !

All solutions for all options

Online advertisers and agencies are confronted to multiple problematic in the daily basis. Every campaign are different, in terms of timing, formats, placement, targets, goals, etc. Adverkeyz allows its users to optimize across multifactorial campaign. Advertisers and Agencies gets accurate analytics tools, and take advantage of AdverKeyz sophisticated optimization tools. In the meantime, they are able to use our integrated AdServer. All these characteristics push our userS across success and faster & bigger ROI.

Pixel generation for Accurate and live Statistics

For any campaign, AdverKeyz is generating automatically pixels for clicks, downloads, leads, purshase/deposit, etc. Advertisers and Agencies can select 4 types of pixel formats to implement.

Create, test and launch...
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